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Funds raised through Win Publishing helps outfit the players and teams with new uniforms, practice gear, sporting equipment, practice facilities, travel expenses, and more.

Small Businesses Can Have A Big Impact

WIN Publishing works with schools, clubs, and organizations nationwide to help them raise money to support their students, their athletic departments, or their activity. Advertisers, like you, have a WIN/WIN opportunity…support your school and community while advertising your business at the same time.

The funds raised helps outfit the players and teams with new uniforms, practice gear, sporting equipment, practice facilities, travel expenses, and all of the necessities that the school cannot provide that the students need.

Whether you have a design in mind or would like a custom made sponsorship for your business, our team of professional graphic designers will work with you so your ad will appear just as you would like!

The athletic department or booster club will be distributing the posters to high traffic areas throughout your community. Of course, as an advertiser, your copy of the poster is mailed directly to your door.

Madison Pet Clinic has worked with Win Publishing since 2015 in support of Webb City High School. We appreciate them for their diligence in communication and excellence in their product. The crew at Win Publishing goes out of their way to accommodate us. Great company that truly supports the schools!

Michael Bowen, MBA

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"I have had no problems with the service, any question I had was quickly answered by a phone call to your offices, It seemed that no matter who I talked to they could immediately answer or fix my question."

- Larry Gariepy (Athletic Director, Clay City Schools)

"This is the first company that has had everything completed on time and correct. I really appreciate your company’s attention to details.  The poster schedules created are always very appealing to the eye and everyone loves getting them. Thanks again for all your hard work and dedication to New Bloomfield Athletics."

- Tim Gilmore (Athletic Director, New Bloomfield)

"The posters and schedules were of very high quality. The customer service was not only excellent, they were pro-active with checking in on our school’s satisfaction. Many local businesses were willing to donate to support our athletic program, which means the funding team at Win must have done some excellent salesmanship."

- Nick Weeks (Athletic Director, Chilhowee High School)

"We have utilized WIN Publishing company for several years and have found them to be a very professional, reputable company that does high quality work.  They also return 50% of these profits back to the school and this has proven very beneficial to our athletic department. They have our highest endorsement."

- Delmas Moore (Athletic Director, Beallsville High School)

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