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“Our goal is to provide schools a simple,uncomplicated way to earn the funds they need, provide a second-to-none quality product and enable local businesses to support their schools at a level they are comfortable with and get the recognition they desire.”

Stephen Gilbert, Owner/Founder

WIN Publishing is a reputable, family owned business that has been organizing high school sports schedule posters and program fundraisers for schools nationwide since 1997.  We help high schools, middle schools, booster clubs, dad’s clubs, drama clubs, and other organizations raise the money they need to provide their students with items that the school cannot.

When you choose to join our fundraising program, our professional team markets the publication, creates your one-of-a-kind posters/programs, and splits the profits with you…it is that simple!

What separates WIN Publishing from other fundraising companies?

Every school schedule poster/program is created for your school with custom colors and your mascot.  Each publication is customized to fit your needs, ensuring that your publication is the way that you want it. Your posters/programs can have any of the following; team photos, action photos, senior photos, booster club enrollment forms, rosters, and schedules are just a few of the things other Athletic Directors have included on their posters and in their programs.

Punctual Delivery
Our goal is to have the schools schedule posters/programs delivered to you prior to the start of your schedule.

After your sports schedules are typeset, a copy is sent back to you for proofing and updating. Immediately prior to printing your high sports school schedule posters we check with you to make sure there are no last minute changes.

There is never a charge to you or the school for any reason.
 Our sponsorships are modestly priced so that every business has the opportunity to support your students.

You receive 50% of the profit.  Each publication has the potential of earning you up to $4,000!

No long term contracts
You will be 100% satisfied with our products and services so why would we ask you to sign a multi-year contract? Our belief is that if we do the best job for you why would you want to leave?

Time is valuable, that’s why we handle everything including the distribution of the publication to the advertisers!  All you need to do is supply your schedules, mascot and any other content that you want on your publication.

This is the easiest fundraiser you will ever do!

WIN Publishing’s unique, laminated schedule posters are custom designed to give your organization a positive and professional image.

We only take on a limited number of new schools each year to make sure that we can fulfill our obligation to our schools.

Give us a call today and
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