School Fundraising

School fundraising has become a necessity with all of the financial cutbacks our educational systems have had to endure. For years, schools have chosen to raise those precious funds by using a poster or program fundraiser that has produced little more than pocket change. Your booster club and athletic department does not have to settle… let Win Publishing supercharge your fundraising efforts and you will Raise More Money!

Why choose WIN Publishing for your school fundraising program?

Our first priority is you.
Helping schools and their fundraising efforts is our top goal. We work for athletic directors and booster clubs around the nation. You are our employers and we are committed to producing the highest quality products for your school as well as earning the most we possibly can for you! We treat your school, community, and fundraising needs as if they were our own. There are never any high pressured sales and we strive to create good will throughout your community.

Our second priority is quality.
From the appearance of the posters to the accuracy of the schedules, we give you our very best. We customize each poster to fit your needs ensuring that you have the best looking poster possible. Once the schedules are typeset, they will be sent to you for proofing and updating, giving you the most accurate final product. Our goal is to have the publication delivered to you prior to the start of your schedule.

So, exactly what do we do?
We handle all of the marketing, layout, graphics, artwork, publishing, and shipping. All you need to do is supply your schedules and mascot. You will be able to sit back and focus on scheduling, teaching, enhancing or improving your skills instead of focusing on raising funds to support your kids.

The sponsors get a great deal too! All of the ads are modestly priced giving every business the opportunity to support your school at a level they are comfortable with. Plus, businesses take pride in knowing that they helped your school and your student athletes.

…and the Bottom Line?
Fundraising is easier than ever with WIN Publishing. Your school’s posters are free and you receive 50% of the fundraising profit! Each poster has the potential of earning $4,000. Whether you elect to do one or three posters a year, this fund-raiser is truly hassle-free!

Keep in mind…
It is because we keep our overhead so low that we are able to give your school a greater percentage of the fundraising profits. It’s also for this reason that we are limited in the number of publications we can do a year. Contracts will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Raise More Money For Your School and/or Organization

  • Ask your questions or get started with a project today! There's nothing out of your pocket, EVER! We share in the profits and that covers the printing. With WIN Publishing you RAISE MORE MONEY, up to $4,000 per publication!