School Programs

Athletic Programs are becoming increasingly popular throughout high schools nationwide. The problem with providing your student athletes with a nice, high quality publication is the amount of time it takes to market the magazine to your local businesses and the costs involved with printing the booklet. In many cases, the costs exceed the budget and/or finding the time required to make the program a success.

Our athletic programs are of the highest quality. We have included items such as booster club enrollment forms (which encourage parent participation), team photos, action photos, senior photos, coaches photos (with bio), rosters, schedules, stats, historical team records, and student athlete recognition pages such as collegiate signings and academic All-Americans. Parents, grand-parents, students, and fans will treasure these booklets for years to come.

Event Programs help people attending know the schedule and other important information, such as the names of the participants, the organization putting on the event, the order of acts in the case of a play or talent show, the schools competing in a band or choir competition or at a conference tournament. Competition and tournament programs include photos of all groups or teams that are competing complete with rosters, schedules, and stats. We can even include a bracket (if necessary) for the fans to track their team’s progress. Often times, event programs become a sort of keepsake for fans or for those in attendance and they are something to look through during intermission or between games.

Instead of paying to print a print shop hundreds, or even thousands of dollars to print your athletic or event programs, why not choose to let Win Publishing turn this costly, time consuming necessity into a fundraising venture that involves very little work for you? You can focus your time and energy on the things that you need to focus on and our team of fundraising experts will focus on helping you Raise More Money!

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