Organization Fundraising

WIN Publishing helps organizations raise money the easy way. Most organizations are familiar with old-fashion fundraising, the kind that leaves you going door-to-door or passing around catalogs to friends and family. This type of fundraising requires a lot of work and a degree of salesmanship in order to be successful.

We offer you a unique way to generate the funds your organizations needs. We help 4-H, FBLA, FFA, and other organized groups get more money with less effort.

WIN Publishing can help you turn the events you already have planned into cash! All with no fees and nothing out-of-pocket.

Raise More Money For Your School and/or Organization

  • Ask your questions or get started with a project today! There's nothing out of your pocket, EVER! We share in the profits and that covers the printing. With WIN Publishing you RAISE MORE MONEY, up to $4,000 per publication!