High School Sports Posters

WIN Publishing works with athletic departments and booster clubs around the nation to help them raise money for their program. With us, your fundraising campaign could earn up to $4000 per publication, all with little work for your team.

We take your athletic schedule of events and turn it into a revenue producing poster or pocket schedule. We handle everything from marketing, organizing, printing, shipping, and collecting the sponsored dollar amounts. We even handle the distribution of the posters to the advertisers! When it’s all done we split all of the profits with you, 50/50. This amount is more than other fundraising companies can offer even though they ask you to do more of the work!

WIN Publishing can accommodate all of your athletic department or booster club needs. We can even organize posters for individual teams.

Let us show you how you can turn your athletic schedule into a money making machine!

Raise More Money For Your School and/or Organization

  • Ask your questions or get started with a project today! There's nothing out of your pocket, EVER! We share in the profits and that covers the printing. With WIN Publishing you RAISE MORE MONEY, up to $4,000 per publication!