Athletic booster club fundraising

Club fundraising

Due to school cut-backs, most athletic programs need to fund raise—that’s a fact. Athletic booster club fundraising has always been a challenge (resources, time, volunteers, etc.). The most challenging part of this process is finding a fundraiser that works best for you, your team and your organization. Many schools and teams across the country would agree, sports programs or sports posters/ sports schedule posters fundraising is fast, easy and requires very little work. Whatever you are looking to raise money for; whether to purchase new equipment, reduce participation costs, defray travel costs or to provide registration fees for tournament play—athletic schedule posters or sports program fundraising can work for you.

Some important questions to ask yourself:

  • What percentage of money does my club keep?
    Your booster club receives 50% of the profit.  Each publication has the potential of earning you up to $4,000!
  • How much work do the players/coaches have to do?
    Your time is valuable, that’s why we handle everything from marketing, organizing, printing, shipping, and collection of the sponsored dollar amounts.  We even handle the distribution of the publication to the advertisers!  All you need to do is supply your schedules and mascot or logo. This is guaranteed to be the most hassle-free fundraiser you will ever do!
  • Do I have easy access to the staff of the fundraising organization in case I have questions regarding the fundraiser?
    At any time you will be able to call the company and talk to the owner/founder with in 24 hours.
  • Is the company reputable?
    WIN Publishing is a family owned business that has been organizing poster and program fundraisers for schools nationwide since 1997.

WIN Publishing helps booster clubs with fundraising the easy way. We help bands, soccer clubs, dance teams, cheer squads, football teams, basketball teams, baseball teams, softball teams, track and field and many other organized groups get the funds they need with very little effort. WIN Publishing can help you turn the events you already have planned into cash! It’s that simple. Since your team does not distribute the magazines, your fundraiser is complete. We take care of it all.

Now you can sit back and focus on what is important to you!

Don’t let your next athletic booster club fundraising event take away from your most important asset, your time! Contact us today to learn more about Win Publishing and how we can help you Raise More Money!

Raise More Money For Your School and/or Organization

  • Ask your questions or get started with a project today! There's nothing out of your pocket, EVER! We share in the profits and that covers the printing. With WIN Publishing you RAISE MORE MONEY, up to $4,000 per publication!