Raise More Money

WIN Publishing helps you raise money, all with no work or out-of-pocket expense. Our schedules, posters, and programs inform the community about your school and/or organization and help you get the money you need. Curious about how you can use our services for your high school fundraising?

It is simple really. Our professional fundraising experts find local businesses who would like to be sponsors on your posters or in your programs. Our world class art department handles everything else. We professionally design each advertisement, custom design and layout each publication using your information and logo or mascot, and we make sure each publication gets delivered to you and to every sponsor. The only thing you have to do is choose Win Publishing as your fundraising partner and you will RAISE MORE MONEY!

With WIN Publishing you….

  • Earn up to $4,000 per publication!
  • Zero out-of-pocket expense
  • Receive only the highest quality products
  • Hassle-Free

Raise More Money For Your School and/or Organization

  • Ask your questions or get started with a project today! There's nothing out of your pocket, EVER! We share in the profits and that covers the printing. With WIN Publishing you RAISE MORE MONEY, up to $4,000 per publication!