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Sports Posters

high school fundraising ideas, high school sports posters, school fundraising, Olathe, SoccerWIN Publishing is a leader in high school sports posters. We help athletic departments with their fundraising needs by creating professionally designed posters. These posters proudly display your team’s schedule along with ads of sponsoring businesses. What a great way to let the community know your schedule and connect with local businesses!

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Athletic & Event Programs

high school fundraising ideas, high school programs, school fundraisingAthletic and Event Programs are becoming increasingly popular throughout high schools, clubs, and organizations nationwide. The problem with providing your student athletes with a nice, high quality publication is the amount of time it takes to market the magazine to your local businesses and the costs involved with printing the booklet. In many cases, the costs exceed the budget and/or finding the time required to make the program a success. Why not choose to let Win Publishing turn this costly, time consuming necessity into a undraising
venture that involves very little work for you?

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Event Admission Tickets

high school fundraising ideas, high school event tickets, school fundraisingSequentially numbered Event Admission Tickets are a necessity for any event that you charge admission for. Many schools and organizations have been audited over the past few years and as a result must track the number of tickets sold for each of their events. There are costs involved when you have to purchase thousands upon thousands of tickets. Win Publishing has turned this expense into a fundraising opportunity for your athletic department or organization.

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Pocket Schedules

Pocket SchedulePocket schedules make it easy for students and fans to keep up with your events which will lead to an increase in attendance. WIN publishing can help you turn a handy pocket schedule into a fundraising opportunity. Our team of fundraising experts will find local businesses who want to be a sponsor, our art department will create a professionally designed ad, our printing department will print and ship the schedules, and you will receive half of the profits. It really is that simple.

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Club and Organization Fundraising

school fundraising ideas, club fundraising, organization fundraising, band fundraisingWIN Publishing helps clubs and organizations raise money the easy way. Most clubs are familiar with old-fashioned fundraising, the kind that leaves you going items door to door or passing around catalogs to friends and family. This type of fundraising requires a lot of work and a degree of salesmanship in order to be successful.

We offer you a unique way to generate the funds your club or organization needs. We help 4-H, FBLA, FFA, soccer clubs, bands, booster clubs, dance teams, cheer squads and other organized groups get more money with less effort’ to Raise More Money.

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