Fundraisers for high school sports teams

So many programs are facing cutbacks where the only option to fill the gaps is to fund raise. Being a parent and a past PTA president I know what an undertaking traditional fund raisers can be. First you have to motivate the kids to sell. This can be done by offering prizes, that are usually lower end gifts, to get these children to be sales people for your school. I am a father of four and I get nervous when my children are asked to go door to door for these “cookie dough” sales programs. The second issue is collecting all of the funds to send into the organization that you are using to raise funds, praying that there are no checks that bounce. Whew… is this work yet? As soon as you think that you are done the final phase comes and it is even more overwhelming than the first steps. The orders are in! What starts as a highly exciting time turns in to hours of sorting “goods” so that your kids can pick them up after school and distribute them. Then the dreaded, I didn’t get what I ordered or my order was missing “insert item here aka insert headache here”. Now you are waiting on the fundraising company to send you your check…. How long do I have to wait? 4-6 Weeks? What percentage do I get? 15%?

So, when I looked at fundraisers for high school sports teams. I wanted to make it as simple and uncomplicated as possible while providing the schools with an excellent return.

WIN Publishing Inc., turns your sports schedules into money! There are no product orders to fill, no kids going door to door and the best part is you get all of the time back that you are spending on organizing a fund raiser. Let WIN Publishing do all the heavy lifting so you can focus on the kids and not on the funds.

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