Golden TriangleWIN Publishing works with schools, clubs, and organizations nationwide to help them raise money to support their students, their athletic departments, or their activity. Advertisers, like you, have a WIN/WIN opportunity…support your school and community while advertising your business at the same time.


The funds raised helps outfit the players and teams with new uniforms, practice gear, sporting equipment, practice facilities, travel expenses, and all of the necessities that the school cannot provide that the students need.

  1. It is like billboard advertising. These posters stay up for a long periods of time in high traffic areas and a lot of people see them.
  2. Sponsoring is a great public relations tool. It shows the community that you support their kids and the school. The community likes to support the businesses that support their kids and schools.
  3. Fundraising. The coaches and athletes truly appreciate your interest and generosity. It is wonderful to realize that there are many community members, like yourself, that are interested in seeing local sports programs succeed.

Whether you have a design in mind or would like a custom made sponsorship for your business, our team of professional graphic designers will work with you so your ad will appear just as you would like!

The athletic department or booster club will be distributing the posters to high traffic areas throughout your community. Of course, as an advertiser, your copy of the poster is  mailed directly to your door.

Contact us today to find out how you can support your area students and gain new customers for your business. To guarantee your spot, call us at 417-725-2931 or 888-780-9555 and let us know what size ad you would like to sponsor.